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Chapter 1

17 Accounting Terms You Must Know

Chapter 2

Best Accounting Software

Chapter 3

How To Hire The Right Bookkeeper

Chapter 4

Common Scams Targeting Businesses

Chapter 5

Separating Accounting Duties

Chapter 6

Leveraging Outsourcing

The Answers To Common Questions Business Owners Want To Ask.

Accounting Terms You Want To Know.

Accounting can be a dry and complicated field, but it’s important to know the most common financial terms if you want your business's finances handled correctly. Here are 17 essential phrases every entrepreneur needs in their vocabulary!

The Right Software For You.

The right Software can make your life easier by helping with accounts receivable/payable tracking, profitability analysis--and even tax season prep. Our team has spent hours researching and comparing 19 different accounting software companies before deciding on the five best suited for small businesses.

The Cornerstone of a Solid System

How to separate accounting duties. The principle of separation of duties is when you have different people doing different jobs. This is a good way to prevent fraud because it means that no one person can do everything. This guide breaks it down for you in detail for a 2 to a 4 person office.

Outsource Your Accounting and Focus More on Your Business

A better alternative to staffing an internal accounting, finance, and bookkeeping team.

What if you could get more time to focus on your business and save money doing it? If you’re a business owner with an in-house accounting team your focus is being pulled away from the business to manage people, and you’re likely not maximizing your return on investment for those employees.

What level of expertise do your internal accounting employees have? Do they handle basic bookkeeping and give you professional level financial analysis, budgeting, planning, and reporting that gives you the insights needed to take your business to the next level?

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